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Following a previous course on Painting the Figure in watercolour, and due to extreme popular demand, we're offering
The Figure in Watercolour Revisited.

This course will be taking everything from the first course and pushing the ideas and concepts even further:

Characterful poses
Monotone and playing with colour
A deeper exploration of light, shadow and form
Expressive brushstrokes and bold washes
Refining certain features
Addition of costume & accessories
...all this and much more!

This course will work as stand alone, as well as a follow on from the original course
(you will receive the same introductory videos as the original course)

If you were not part of the original course but would like to see what we covered, please click here.

If you would like to purchase the original course along with this one, please see the options at the bottom of the page.


This course is absolutely suitable for any and all experience levels!

THE COURSE at a Glance

Over the course of three paint-along Zoom sessions we will dive into the often challenging, but extremely rewarding and expressive world of capturing the human form in watercolours.

This course will be less about theory and more an exploration of this particular medium in relation to the subject; playing with ideas and principles whilst getting creative with watercolour.

Whilst I have cut out the dry foundational theory of the first course, naturally we will still cover all of the essential principles.

Each session will begin with an hour or so of working directly with sepia watercolour, no drawing first, on smaller A4 size pieces. This is much more fun than it is scary, I promise!

Students have been amazed at how a figure slowly appears from a collection of washes and marks!! This is such an exciting practice in its own right, but will also improve your general watercolour painting enormously!

The rest of each session will be devoted to working in colour over an existing drawing (line art supplied, drawings done before each session)

This is when we will explore colour plus how to refine certain areas, creating strong focal points. 

We will be working with backgrounds, simplifying and stepping away from copying, and generally pushing our ideas and themes further toward a finished painting - whilst still retaining the expressive and immediate nature of the medium in relation to this subject.

The introduction of small elements of costume, props and accessories will be covered. These won't be dominant features of the paintings, but rather smaller elements that can add an extra ingredient to figurative work.



Paintings Banner.png

My name is Tom.

I am a professional artist, specialising in watercolour, and I love SHARING my knowledge with others to help them on their own artistic journey.

After teaching and mentoring many students of all abilities for over 10 years, I have discovered and refined what is needed to IMPROVE your painting – and how to teach these concepts in a very simple and practical way to take your painting to the NEXT LEVEL.

Painting the human figure has increased in fascination to me over the last couple of years, and I have learnt a huge amount, not only about painting the figure, but also how this study relates to all other subjects so well!


The Figure Revisited
Online Zoom Mini Course

A Pre-recorded Intro video on materials and considerations
3 Live Zoom Sessions
(If you cannot attend live, recordings will be available immediately)
This course includes lifetime streaming access to Full HD versions, or you can download the videos – your choice
The course will operate through Google Drive but also via email for those who do not wish to use Google Drive

You will have life times access to stream all videos and sessions and/or download them to keep forever.



  • Pre-recorded Introductory Video - download or stream for life

  • 3 Live Zoom Sessions - approx. 3 - 3.5hrs including Q&A and draw-along demos

  • Catch up / re-watch via Zoom link (available immediately after each session)

  • Full HD version of live sessions will be available to download or stream on completion of the course

  • Theory, practical examples, studies and demonstrations – all draw-along style

  • Your quick questions answered by email – detailed answers will be addressed in live sessions

  • Life time access to stream the videos and/or download them to keep forever


A detailed list of suggested materials will be sent out in advance of the course.

Here is an example of possible materials

  • A4 and /or A3 sketchbook, gummed block or sheets of good quality paper. Ideally 300gsm.

  • Sepia watercolour or colour for monotone studies - greys, neutral tint etc

  • A basic set of 6 primaries (I will be using more as examples, but they are not essential)

  • 2 or 3 brushes: a medium sized mop plus smaller mop or pointed round for smaller work. If you plan to scale up to A3 size then a slightly larger mop may be useful

  • Water pot, palette and kitchen roll

  • Masking tape and a board if you do not wish to work direct in your sketch book /pad


LIVE SESSIONS have been set at a variety of times

This is in an attempt to accommodate an international range of students as best possible.

Allow around 3 - 3.5 hours (there will be plenty of breaks!)

Don't forget, if you can't attend live the replay is available immediately

Plus the HD version will be available to stream or download within 3 days

Not forgetting that you can STREAM or DOWNLOAD all videos and sessions FOREVER

All times are UK (GMT)

Live Zoom Session 1: 11th April @10am

Live Zoom Session 2: 15th April @2pm

Live Zoom Session 3: 18th April @5:30pm

MC Testimonials (1080 × 350px).png

Join me in Capturing the Human form in Watercolour

EARLY BIRD PRICE until midnight 21st Dec'23 (UK time) = £79

Full Price after this = £95

(PLEASE NOTE that an edited version of this course will be available to purchase in the future but at the full price of £165. So even if you cannot attend live, purchasing now represents the best value!!)

There are 2 other Zoom Courses running in early 2024:

Charcoal, Sketching in Watercolour

(click the links to see full details)

If you wish to book onto all 3, including this one, the option is below.

As previously mentioned, if you wish to purchase the original Figure course along with this one please see the option below. You will be granted access within 48 hours or purchase.

The final option is all 4 Zoom Courses plus the original Figure Course.

copyright Tom Shepherd Art 2023 - 2065

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