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Are you ready to explore a new medium?
Improve your painting?
Loosen up and capture movement?
Deepen your knowledge of drawing mediums?
Get great results with relative ease?! 

If the answer is YES to any or all of these then this course on CHARCOAL could be just the thing!

As a medium CHARCOAL is:

  • Incredibly forgiving

  • Huge amounts of fun

  • Capable of impressive results

  • Founded in easy to understand and apply techniques

  • Immediately familiar even if you've never tried it

  • Ideal for improving tonal values (the foundation of all mediums and subjects!)

  • The perfect accompaniment to any other drawing or painting medium

This course is absolutely suitable for any and all experience levels!

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THE COURSE at a Glance

In this course we will cover a range of techniques and approaches to using charcoal, across a variety of subjects.

There is no rush with charcoal so we can take each draw-along demo at a slow and steady pace to allow you to really get to grips with every element.

Over the course of 3 Zoom sessions we will gradually build up from simple sketches focusing on drawing principles; through to seeing and drawing very simple tones; leading into a range of demos which will allow us to really get stuck into this wonderful medium whilst exploring all the creative possibilities it has to offer, and leave you with a grasp of the wide open potential of charcoal!

Ok sounds good, right!?

But I can hear some people saying, "I don't like drawing" or "I can't draw"

Two points:

1) Charcoal is actually a very painterly medium

It feels much more like painting than drawing with graphite.  It covers large areas with simple tones quickly and easily; it can be moved around with a brush, blending stick, finger or rubber/eraser and is equally as good for large simple areas as it is for refined detail.

It is fluid, expressive, and can easily be moved around and corrected - thus making it very forgiving!

Painters love it for this reason, and those who like to draw love the loose and free feeling charcoal offers!

2) I believe drawing principles to be the most easy to learn 

Because of its very forgiving nature, I find that all students, with a few pointers are actually significantly better at drawing than they realise, and very quickly improve with the right guidance.

The impact om your painting will be noticeable immediately.

Not only will working in charcoal for this course improve your painting, whatever your usual style and subject, but charcoal is a wonderful medium completely in its own right.... warned...

...charcoal is highly addictive and I know you will be very surprised at how relatively easily it gives fantastic results!!


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My name is Tom.

I am a professional artist, specialising in watercolour, and I love SHARING my knowledge with others to help them on their own artistic journey.

After teaching and mentoring many students of all abilities for over 10 years, I have discovered and refined what is needed to IMPROVE your painting – and how to teach these concepts in a very simple and practical way to take your painting to the NEXT LEVEL.


Online Zoom Mini Course

A Pre-recorded Intro video on materials and sealing your work
3 Live Zoom Sessions
(If you cannot attend live, recordings will be available immediately)
This course includes lifetime streaming access to Full HD versions, or you can download the videos – your choice
The course will operate through Google Drive but also via email for those who do not wish to use Google Drive

You will have life times access to stream all videos and sessions and/or download them to keep forever.



  • Pre-recorded Introductory Video - download or stream for life

  • 3 Live Zoom Sessions - approx. 3 - 3.5hrs including Q&A and draw-along demos

  • Catch up / re-watch via Zoom link (available immediately after each session)

  • Full HD version of live sessions will be available to download or stream on completion of the course

  • Theory, practical examples, studies and demonstrations – all draw-along style

  • Lots of reference photos across a range of subjects

  • Your quick questions answered by email – detailed answers will be addressed in live sessions

  • Life time access to stream the videos and/or download them to keep forever


I will send out / upload a suggested materials list well in advance of the course, including suggested brands and alternatives.

We really do not require a huge amount of materials for this course.

In short as a quick guide:

  • A4 and A3 sketchbook of relatively smooth 200gsm upwards paper

  • A selection of soft vine charcoal

  • A couple of charcoal pencils

  • Putty rubber/eraser and a normal hard rubber/eraser

  • A white charcoal (hard chalk) pencil can be useful

  • If you wish to keep any pieces safe fixative is useful

  • Masking tape and a board if you do not wish to work direct in your sketch book /pad



LIVE SESSIONS have been set at a variety of times

This is in an attempt to accommodate an international range of students as best possible.

Allow around 3 - 3.5 hours (there will be plenty of breaks!)

Don't forget, if you can't attend live the replay is available immediately

Plus the HD version will be available to stream or download within 3 days

Not forgetting that you can STREAM or DOWNLOAD all videos and sessions FOREVER

All times UK (GMT)

Live Zoom Session 1: 12th March 2024 @10am

Live Zoom Session 2: 15th March 2024 @2pm

Live Zoom Session 3:  18th March 2024 @5:30pm

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EARLY BIRD PRICE until midnight 21st Dec'23 (UK time) = £79

Full Price after this = £95

(PLEASE NOTE that an edited version of this course will be available to purchase in the future but at the full price of £165. So even if you cannot attend live, purchasing now represents the best value!!)

There are 2 other Zoom Courses running in early 2024:

Sketching in Watercolour, The Figure Revisited

(click the links above to see full details of each course)

If you wish to book onto all 3, including this one, the option is below.

This option does represent by far the best value.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the course please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tom:

07980 611 267

copyright Tom Shepherd Art 2023 - 2065

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