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Online Teaching Testimonials

"Tom’s beautiful work has been the entire reason I wanted to dip my toe into trying watercolours in the first place! I owe all my knowledge and technique learned so far from him!  Tom is an extremely articulate teacher and his demos are informative, fun and utterly inspiring. I look forward to participating in future workshops to develop my skills further."



"Just to say that I really enjoyed Tom Shepherd’s watercolour demos. His knowledge of  colour blending and application is extensive. I learnt a lot."

"I have been painting birds in watercolours for many years and reached a plateau where I felt stuck! Your tutorials showed me a new approach and took my painting skills to the next level."

"Your zoom classes are just fantastic. They take away the fear of not being good enough to paint. Your style of teaching is just the best and so encouraging and the notes and explanations help along the journey. I only dip into painting now and again but things may change. I have always admired Tom’s style. It is so fresh and has a magic light."

"This demo was so encouraging - easy to follow and packed full of little tips along the way. His bold expressive early washes and later attention to detail has really helped me progress. A natural teacher!"

"Tom is a brilliant artist and a very generous teacher. He packs a lot of good info in two hours and is happy to take questions plus you get to see him in action! Very inspiring."

"Tom combines being a brilliant watercolour artist with being a very down to earth teacher.  He explains his methods very clearly in his demonstrations, and his enthusiasm for the medium encourages pupils every step of the way. 

Personally I feel I have benefited enormously from his guidance and can't wait to carry on improving my watercolour work employing all I have learnt."

"These zoom demos are amazing value and I’ve taken away so many tips and tricks from them. Tom’s approachability and relaxed manner combined with his clear and concise teaching methods make him a great teacher and I always eagerly await his next demonstrations. They are a joy to take part in!"

"I took part in the portrait zoom class. I was quite nervous before the start even though no one could see me. I took notice of the preparation notes and had my table set up in front of the PC. Tom works quite quickly but I was soon fully immersed in the painting and really enjoying myself. I have never tackled a portrait before but thought the out come was surprisingly good. I know some people preferred to watch and then use the video, but I would recommend going for it live. I also appreciated the drawing tips from the class."

"The zoom demonstrations are the best demonstrations that I have ever attended. I have learned more from you than any other artist. You are a truly gifted teacher and your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you so much."

"A few words about Tom's zoom demos. I found them very interesting not only from the painting point of view but also all the preliminary information and diagrams. Tom is very helpful to all taking part and ready to answer any questions. Wonderful experience and certainly well worth time and money. Thank you Tom."

"Tom’s Zoom demos are amazing! I find it fascinating to watch him create live with so much enthusiasm and energy. I appreciate that he shares his passion and knowledge with such generosity. I like the fact that I can re watch the videos later and pause them as many times as I need when I try to paint my versions."

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