Why a Blog? Part 2

By Tom Shepherd Art | Jul 14, 2017

Following on from the last post. A blog allows a deeper level of sharing  (which happens to be reason number 2 for writing one).. 2) Sharing   I love reading other people’s blogs and watching videos, talks etc. Not just painting related, but anything revolving around art and creativity, nature, science, business and much more…. …Basically anyone sharing something interesting, and…

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Why a blog? Part 1

By Tom Shepherd Art | Feb 23, 2017

Why a blog?! Why any of this?    part 1 I have made the decision to attempt a regular blog post, but why? “Not another blogger!”  I can imagine many of you saying. I would be tempted to agree. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of… “Yeah great, just one more person telling their story and giving their…

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