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Why a blog? Why any of this? Part1

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I've decided to write a regular blog, but why?

“Not another blogger!” 

I can imagine many of you saying. I would be tempted to agree.

You're probably thinking something along the lines of...

“Yeah great, just one more person telling their story and giving their opinion about this that and the other...who cares?!”

Well firstly I care, even if nobody else does, which feels like a good start.

But why do I care? and more importantly why start a blog? What's my intention?

As a professional artist, there are various reasons. Hopefully this post will help to explain my intentions and maybe even encourage you to start your own blog (If you haven't all ready)


1) A Useful Marketing tool

For a creative professional the often taboo subjects of making money, running a business and the dreaded marketing, are absolutely necessary.

To answer the question 'why a blog?' as a marketing tool for a professional artist, we need to quickly touch on why marketing, and relevant marketing, is important in the first place.

Points for me to consider:

  • I want to paint on a daily basis because I love it. To do this I need to fund it.

  • I also have a certain lifestyle I would like to live. This requires money. Not vast amounts but a reasonable amount.

  • I know there will come times in my life when others may rely on me financially and I would like to be able to have this covered as best I can.

Based on the above, running a business that is not profitable is not an option

So after plenty of resistance I 'got over myself' and now have no problem saying that as full time artist I run a Art Business.

  • To do this I need to generate income..

  • To do this the business must grow in various areas.

  • One area that seems relevant to my business is an online presence.

  • One potentially very useful tool to grow my online presence could be a blog of some sort.

A blog allows me to give insight into my paintings, the ideas behind them, the process, me as a person and a behind the scenes look at the business side of things.

All this is adding a face and