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Size 12 & 14 Available 

More details on sizing below



  • Classic Pointed Round (longer and thinner than a mop)
  • Synthetic Sable - springy and very controllable yet with nice paint flow
  • Excellent quality with a high attention to detail and finish
  • Long handle
  • Versatile for finer details, dry brush and the finsihing stages of any size painting
  • They carry enough pigment to be a great sketching brush for smaller painting and studies too
  • They are the brushes I wil be using moving forward!



I've been searching for a while for watercolour brsuhes hat really fit my painting, along with a company who'se attitude towards producing products aligns with my own.


These Pan Art brushes are fantastic and where I have settled!!

(more exciting develpments to come)



Size 12 pointed round:

  • 5mm Diameter ferule and head
  • 2.2cm long hairs / head
  • 23cm total length
  • Great for for detail on smaller paintings


Size 14 pointed round:

  • 6mm Diameter ferule and head
  • 2.5cm long hairs / head
  • 23.5cm total length
  • Great for for detail at any size painting


Pan Art Watercolour Round Brushes

    • Wash out in cold water after every session
    • Whilst wet re-shape head bringing hairs to a fine point and leave to dry in this shape
    • Do NOT leave standing in water pots
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