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Sizes 8, 12 & 16 Available 

More details on sizing below



  • Incredibly versatile
  • Excellent quality with a high attention to detail and finish
  • High water carrying capacity
  • Great for everything from bold expressive strokes, free flowing washes to smaller details
  • Easy control and release through the fine point
  • Well balanced and feel great in the hand
  • They are the brushes I wil be using moving forward!



I've been searching for a while for watercolour brsuhes hat really fit my painting, along with a company who'se attitude towards producing products aligns with my own.


These Pan Art brushes are fantastic and where I have settled!!

(more exciting develpments to come)


Made from syntehtic squirrel hair that is soft and holds loads of water and pigment, yet also has that slight spring to it that is so useful, and best of all they come to and retain a fantasticially fine point - so much so, I often find myself completing whole paintings with only one of these brushes.



Size 8:

  • 8mm Diameter ferule and head
  • 2.5cm long hairs / head
  • 20 cm total length
  • Fantastic brush for all size paintings. I use this one all the time for A3 size and smller paintings. It's so versatile.
  • Wonderful fine point with nice size resevoir. A great balance of control and flow.


Size 12:

  • 12mm Diameter ferule and head
  • 3.5cm long hairs / head
  • 22 cm total length
  • Great for larger washes on smaller paintings (A4 size down)
  • Great for for detail at any size painting


Size 16:

  • 15mm Diameter ferule and head
  • 4.2cm long hairs / head
  • 23.5 cm total length
  • Great for larger and medium washes on medium size paintings (A3 size up)
  • Great for for detail at any size, all though paritucalr come into there own for larger paintings



Pan Art Watercolour Mop Brushes

    • Wash out in cold water after every session
    • Whilst wet re-shape head bringing hairs to a fine point and leave to dry in this shape
    • Do NOT leave standing in water pots
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