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Travel with me to PAINT AFRICA'S iconic wildlife and breathtaking scenery!(from the comfort of your own home)

After a FANTASTIC SUCCESS with the first Painting Africa mini-course in June 2024, we're back with another one!

Not only did we raise a fantastic monetary figure for the project (more on this below), it was a huge amount of fun and we quickly realised there's so much more on this topic to explore and paint!

Join me in celebrating WATERCOLOUR, NATURE and the POWER of ART for all of us, wherever we are in the world, whatever our experience, whatever our age!


You'll be transported to the warmth and wonder of Africa as we adventure
into the
wonderful world of watercolour.

As before 70% of the takings for this course will be used to support an extremely exciting project created by WAPI (Wild Art Philanthropy IRL) to focus on providing access to art materials to remote areas of Kenya (more on this below)

Over the course of three live online sessions we will be working from photos of the incredible wildlife, birds and landscapes of Africa (I won't actually be in Africa when running his, another time maybe; but through painting we can transport our selves there momentarily and get inspired!)

Suitable for ALL experience levels
If you do not wish to attend but would like to donate please visit the bottom of the page​

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WAPI, Art Centres & conservation
How will the funds raised be used?

WAPI (Wild Art Philanthropy IRL) is the creation of my good friend, wildlife lover and fellow artist, Martin Aveling.

We have spoken for years of wishing to bring together our love of NATURE, ART and COMMUNITY in a way to truly create POSITIVE CHANGE in all these areas...

...a way for us to give back to that which has given us so much.



Visiting House in the Wild in Kenya I saw first hand how the key to wildlife conservation is as much about the people as it is the wildlife and the land. It really drove home that we are are NOT SEPARATE from nature but part of it.

I've have always known the power of art to not only help the individual, but also to provide a sense of connection with others and to the world around us.



Here's a powerful story from Martin on what is at the heart of this project and why we feel it is so exciting!


“Last Year we visited the the Emarti Primary School in Kenya. When addressing the students, deputy head master, Mr Vincent Oirere, asked if any of them owned a sketch pad….


...Not a single hand went up.

Marilyn JS Goodman, author of ‘Children Draw: A guide to why, when and how children make art’, argues that art is integral to a child’s development, allowing them to ‘discover explore, experiment and learn independently’.

Unfortunately so many children are not afforded this opportunity.”



I certainly took for granted my childhood freedom to draw, paint and create.


Only now as an adult looking back and with children of my own do I see how beneficial this was.

I have more stories than I can share about how art has been an integral part of my own children's development, but also the way it engages and fosters connections to the world around.


In particular how it deepens their understanding and love of nature and wildlife, and with this the need to acknowledge our part of it and our role in helping to support and preserve it.

With connection and love of the world around us being the key to sustainable conservation efforts we hope you can see the clear link between art, community and nature, and why we believe in this idea so strongly!

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A few more words from Martin:

WILD ART PHILANTHROPY IRL (WAPI) was established to explore ways in which art can support education and conservation.


We hope that by making creativity accessible to more people, it will improve representation in wildlife art.

Our first project involves giving 1500 school children in Kenya access to art materials, and nurturing their creativity.

Kenya was my home for ten of my most formative years. I experienced great kindness from its people and found creative inspiration from its wildlife. It was a privilege to live in such a beautiful country whilst enjoying a comfortable quality of life. At the very least I always had access to art materials.

My charity partner, Wild Philanthropy (WP), has been supporting the Mara Re-wildling Project - an initiative that is transforming the fortunes of wildlife and people in the greater Maasai Mara by adopting a community led approach to conservation. Part of WP’s contribution has been to deliver five ‘conservation libraries’ to schools in the area. These libraries are repurposed shipping containers kitted out with books, desks and beanbags. All have at least one computer and solar powered Wi-FI and will soon be equipped with art materials.

WAPI has raised $6K, and have been supported by Derwent Pencils who have generously donated 50 boxes of pencils from their Academy range.


We want to use WAPI funds for things such as delivering workshops and art safaris for students, commissioning local artists to design murals for the libraries, supporting submission fees for students applying for art competitions and grants, and to purchase additional stock when required. 


We are excited to announce that the world famous Art company Derwent have agreed to provide 50 Derwent Academy Wooden Boxes, 10 for each library.

Funds raised from this mini-course will be used to support existing projects with a view that moving forward we can expand the projects and reach!

We thank you in advance for supporting our efforts to bring all of this together, enabling us to make the positive changes we believe so strongly in.


PLUS this course is going to be an absolute blast – I can’t wait!


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My name is Tom.

I am a professional artist, specialising in watercolour, and I love SHARING my knowledge with others to help them on their own artistic journey.

After teaching and mentoring many students of all abilities for over 10 years, I love sharing the joy of painting now more than ever.

I have also used my art to not only raise awareness of ecological and wildlife issues, but also to used sales to raise much needed funds for important projects, both here in the UK and internationally.


Being able to give back whenever I can to the wildlife and people that so inspire me is a very fulfilling and important part of what I do as an artist.

Painting 3.jpeg
Painting 2.jpeg

Online Zoom Mini Course

3 Live Online Sessions
(If you cannot attend live, recordings will be available immediately)
This course includes lifetime streaming access to Full HD versions, or you can download the videos – your choice
Over the course of these 3 sessions we will tackle a selection of African wildlife, bird and landscape subjects from reference photos provided (unfortunately I won't actually be in Africa...may be another time! But through the course and the paintings we can travel there in spirit and really get absorbed by painting the wonderful wildlife and scenes!)

You have full lifetimes access to all the course sessions. They are yours to keep forever.

You can stream or download the Full HD versions at any-point in the future.


  • 3 Live Online Sessions - approx. 3 - 3.5hrs including Q&A and paint-along demos

  • Catch up / re-watch via Zoom link (available immediately after each session)

  • Reference photos provided

  • Materials list and a few introductory elements sent out well in advance

  • Full HD version of live sessions will be available to download or stream on completion of the course (with life time access)

  • Your quick questions answered by email – detailed answers will be addressed in live sessions


A detailed list of suggested materials will be sent out in advance of the course.

Here is an example of possible materials

  • A4 and /or A3 sketchbook, gummed block or sheets of good quality paper. Ideally 300gsm.

  • A basic set of 6 primaries (I will be using more as examples, but they are not essential)

  • 2 or 3 brushes: a medium sized mop plus smaller mop or pointed round for smaller work. If you plan to scale up to A3 size then a slightly larger mop may be useful

  • Water pot, palette and kitchen roll

  • Masking tape and a board if you do not wish to work direct in your sketch book /pad


LIVE SESSIONS have been set at a variety of times

This is in an attempt to accommodate an international range of students as best possible.

Allow around 3 - 3.5 hours (there will be plenty of breaks!)

Don't forget, if you can't attend live the replay is available immediately

Plus the HD version will be available to stream or download within 3 days

Not forgetting that you can STREAM or DOWNLOAD all videos and sessions FOREVER

All times are UK (GMT) 2024

Live Zoom Session 1: 4th Feb'25 @10am

Live Zoom Session 2: 7th Feb'25 @2pm

Live Zoom Session 3: 10th Feb'25 @5:30pm

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JOIN me in Painting AFRICA

Price = £95 per person

Early bird price until end of July '24 = £75

If you would like to donate more, or make a donation yet not attend the course, please see below

(100% of these donations will go straight to WAPI)

We are extremely grateful for any and all donations and bookings!


(PLEASE NOTE that an edited version of this course will be available to purchase in the future but at the full price of £165. So even if you cannot attend live, purchasing now represents the best value)

If you have any questions about any aspect of the course please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tom:

07980 611 267

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