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Zoom Painting Demonstrations

Join me from the comfort of your own home for various painting demonstrations via Zoom

£12 per person


  • 2 - 2.5 hours via Zoom

  • Watch live and/or re-watch for 21 days afterwards

  • Reference photo & materials list sent out 1 week before

  • Various opportunities for Q&A, plus typed questions throughout

PLEASE NOTE: These are designed as demonstrations, so I will be working at my usual pace with narration.  However, I am more than happy for people to paint-along.

Online Teaching Testimonials


Understanding Tonal Values

Thursday 8th September 2022

7pm - 9pm (UK time)


Tonal Values are the foundations of a good painting, and the glue that holds a watercolour together. They don't have to be complicated, and getting to grips with them is probably one of the most useful ways you can spend your time as a painter!

There will be a small intro & theory section, including a quick tonal study, followed by a single watercolour painting demonstration


We will focus on:

  • What Tonal Values are​

  • What to look for and how to see them

  • How to translate this into a painting

  • A simple watercolour process for analysing and creating a painting that works tonally

Playing with Colour

Thursday 22nd September 2022

7pm - 9pm (UK time)


Colour can be intimidating sometimes, but it is also one of the most exciting and beguiling elements of painting; particularly in watercolours when they all start flowing together.

​There will be a small introduction covering considerations when using colour. This will be followed by 2 separate painting demonstrations.

In the first we will focus on observing the colour in our subject and at times exaggerating what we see.

In the second we will focus on seemingly throwing all observation out of the window and painting with arbitrary colour - however, I will show you a few tricks for guiding your choices, as well as letting an idea develop whilst you paint, then going with this idea.

Less colour theory and more colour play. This will be a fun one!

Single Wash Watercolours

Wednesday 28th September 2022

7pm - 9pm (UK time)


You may have heard it said, "Watercolours are at their most fresh when created with a single wash". Whilst this shouldn't scare us off glazing and multiple washes at all, it can also be a great excuse to tackle a couple of painting juts using a single wash.


There will be a small intro followed by two painting demonstrations.


We will be focusing on trying to create a painting using nice fresh single washes, working wet in wet, with a few finishing details popped on to complete.

We will look at how this approach, even when taken slowly and methodically, can give the feeling of a lively and expressive painting - showing off the mediums most unique characteristics of flowing luminous washes.

Glazing with Watercolours

Thursday 29th September 2022

7pm - 9pm (UK time)


Glazing, or multiple washes overlaid over each other, is a fairly standard part of watercolour painting. However this simple principle can be utilised in a many ways for a variety fo effects.

There will be short introduction followed by two demonstration paintings.

In the first we will look at the potential pitfalls (and solutions) of working with more than one layer, as well as a variety of techniques and concepts to get the best out of this approach. We will also look at the consideration of transparent versus opaque colours in relation to this.

In the second demo the approach of mapping out the shadows in blues first, then glazing colour over the top. A slightly different way of working, and one which plays to the transparent and luminous nature of the medium, as well as the colours which occur from glazing rather than mixing.

Loosening Up our Watercolours

Wednesday 19th October (previosuly 13th)

7pm - 9pm (UK time)


"I wish I could loosen up with my painting", is a phrase I hear more than any other. Join me for an evening of looking at how exactly we do this with watercolours.

We will start with an introduction and theory including a couple of exercises, followed by a single painting demonstration.

We will look at what the key to loose painting is - largely down to how we analyse and interpret our subject. 

We will then look at technical approaches and some techniques to loosen up our brushwork, as well as how to get that paint flowing to let the watercolour "do its thing!"

Working Wet in Wet

Thursday 20th October 2022

7pm (UK time)


Wet into wet painting with watercolours must be up one of the main features that differentiates it from other is also one of the most exciting elements!

To do this we must let go of control and let the medium do its thing. Easier said than done.

As with so much of painting, a few tips and pointers can go a long way. I hope this session will give plenty of these to enable you to feel more confident working wet in wet.

There will be an introduction on the main principles, largely revolving around paint consistency. Followed by a single painting demonstrations to illustrate these points in action.

Transparent vs Opaque - how to use both

Monday 24th October 2022

7pm (UK time)


Knowing your materials is a key part of getting to grips with watercolour painting.

One often overlooked factor is the transparency and opacity of our colour choices and pigments. 

This is by no means complicated - so with a basic overview of different pigments and their relevant transparency/opacity, and what this means for our paintings - we can soon have an understanding of these properties and begin to successfully use them to our advantaged.

Over the course of 2 painting demonstrations we will explore the potential pitfalls of not being aware of these properties, but more importantly the advantages of both types of pigments (plus semi opaque/transparent), and how we can have huge fun with these properties to bring our paintings to life!

Big Brush Beach Scenes

Friday 11th November 2022

7pm (UK time)


We'll be getting the big brushes out (and full imperial sheet), I mean really big, so we can throw around plenty of water and pigment and captured the wild beauty of a British coastal scene,

Since moving to the West Coast of Wales I have found a new love for going big and bold with coastal scenes. It is this approach, along with the brushes I use, which I want to share with you.

We will also look at how to plan these sorts of paintings, composition considerations, as well as creating exciting bold skies and capturing that all important light and atmosphere....

Sure to be great fun, and hopefully packed full of useful info too!

Planning a Painting for Success

Thursday 10th November 2022

7pm (UK time)


Don't think this sounds like an exciting topic!? With the right planning at the start of a painting - running through a simple tick list of ideas and principles - we can do a lot of the handwork up front.

In doing so we free ourselves to paint in a much more exciting and creative way. Ultimately leading to more fun whilst we paint which in turn often leads to more satisfying results.

We are going to look at how to analyse our subject and in doing so come up with a plan. What questions to ask and how to find answers. Then how to bring this all together in our painting, but in a way that still leaves us open exploration and play as we paint.

Good foundations and planning our the key to freedom and fun whilst we paint. So go on, you might enjoy this one more than you think!

Wildlife & Birds in Acrylics

Thursday 17th November 2022

7pm (UK time)

I am very excited to be revisiting acrylics and sharing an evening with you to focus on using them to capture wildlife and birds.

We will cover the basics of the materials, with a few simple concepts for working in an alla prima way, with lots of thick paint, and how to get the best out of our materials and subject

There will be a short intro followed by two painting demonstrations, one wildlife, one birds. We will look at how to analyse our subject as an acrylic painter, how to plan for success, and how to translate this into a painting.

We will also focus on paint consistency and brushwork throughout to create painterly and lively pieces.

Acrylic Scenes

Thursday 24th November 2022

7pm (UK time)

Acrylics are an extremely versatile, forgiving and fun medium!

Over the course or two painting demonstrations - one of a street scene, the other a coastal landscape - we will explore how to get the best out of this medium when using it an alla prima way with thicker creamier paint.

We will cover the basics of the materials and a few simple concepts for working in this way, and how to get the best out of our materials in any subject.












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