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Zoom Painting Demonstrations '23

Over the last few months I have been playing, experimenting and exploring with my own watercolour painting.

I am really keen to share these new ways of working with you.

Please see below for details of 3 upcoming Zoom Demos

Book individually or discounted price for all 3


full details & booking below



£15 per person


  • 2.5 approx. hour demo via Zoom

  • Watch live and/or re-watch for 21 days afterwards

  • Reference photo & materials list sent out 1 week before

  • Various opportunities for Q&A, plus typed questions throughout

Please note that these demos are painted at my own pace, however, I am extremely happy for people to paint-along!

Online Teaching Testimonials


Book all 3 Zoom Demos @ £40

Sepia & Grey - Wet in Wet

30th October 2023 6pm (UK time)


Male lion & Pair of Goldfinch

Are you interested in exploring a different way of working in watercolour?

I am excited to share this approach. I've been using it a lot recently and really love it!

Sepia & Grey are not simply for tonal exercises. We can also create extremely moody, subtle and beautiful full paintings with them too.

We will also explore sculpting a painting out of a more wet in wet style.

Join me in painting a Powerful male lion and a delicate pair of Goldfinches.

Big & Bold Scapes

27th November 2023 6pm (UK time)


Do you fancy going bigger with your paintings?

Or simply want to explore using a bigger brush with more water and pigment? 

Join me whilst I paint two Full Sheet Watercolour (22" x 30")  sea/landscapes with big skies.

I will talk through considerations in scaling up in size (any up in size, not necessarily to full sheet)

We will be diving head first into using big brushes of varying styles, shapes and materials, with lots of water and lots of pigment!

There will be loads of wet into wet work and we will also look at some tips on using a spray bottle  to keep everything workable for longer!

It's going to be wild & fun!!

Exploring Granulation

12th December 2023 6pm (UK time)


Wild Coastline & a Zebra

Are you intrigued by granulation in watercolour and how we can use it?


Or maybe you simply want to learn more about what it actually is?


Granulation is an extremely exciting and joyous element of watercolour, providing so much interest and texture to a piece.

There are many granulating colours and they all behave slightly differently. The way they behave varies with differing paint consistencies.

To really show off the nature of granulation and how we can use it I will be using a variety of quite muted colours to paint a dramatic coastal scene and characterful Zebra.

Time to play and experiment!

(Not interested in granulation? This will still be an interesting demo;)

Book all 3 Zoom Demos @ £40

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