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Saturday 21st March '20

Creating Dramatic Light

Acrylics & Oils

All abilities

One thing that will make any subject come to life, and make it "sing" is the light.

This is the focus of today. How to we look for the light, interpret light and paint the light...and what a difference it can make!

We will look at how light affects colour and how to enhance what light there is.

We will also look at all the foundational principles of painting and how to make the most of your subject.


2 Day Course

Monday, Tuesday 23rd & 24th

March 2020

Getting to Grips with Colour

Colour Mixing, Theory and Practical Application

Acrylics & Oils

(please enquire for watercolour)

All abilities

Learn to mix any colour & apply this to paintings! Over two days we can go really deep into this often tricky area of painting.


A nice balance of theory, exercises, practical application, and of course lots of painting!  This 2 day course is designed to take all the guess work out of colour mixing.

I Believe Hi Res.555.JPG

Friday 27th March '20

Alla Prima Birds & Animals

Oil (acrylic painters very welcome)

All abilities

We will be looking at taking the classic Alla Prima approach, characterised by expressive brushstrokes and thicker paint, and applying it to the colourful and characterful world of birds & animals.

With interesting shapes, character and movement this subject is perfect for the immediacy and looseness that comes with creating an oil painting in one session (or a days workshop in this case!)


Atmosphere & Light... 

...Drama & Mood

Acrylics & Oils

All abilities

Saturday 28th March '20

Whatever the subject, the order of the day is creating dramatic & impactive paintings!

With good foundational principles and a few little tricks, we will look at how to create atmospheric and moody paintings.

Anything from hazy jazz clubs or an early morning misty beach, to the colours of a market at sunset.



IMG-9943 (1).jpg

Friday 3rd April '20

Figures in a Setting

Acrylics & Oils

All abilities

Figures on a beach, street scenes to landscapes and more...we will focus on figures that are not necessarily the biggest part of the painting, but they are there...


Many people shy away from putting figures in their paintings, but with some simple tricks and tips you'll be painting figures in no time!


They add scale, a sense of place and a story, and make a great addition to so many paintings.



Saturday 4th April '20

Characterful People

Acrylics & Oils

All abilities

Not a portrait, but more than just a few figures in a scene. How do we tackle paintings were a figure, or group of figures make up the main focus and bulk of a painting?

As with so many subjects, a few pointers, basic principles and techniques go a long way.

Amongst all the usual painting principles we will be focusing on creating figures that have gesture, movement and of course, character!



Monday 6th April '20

Thick Paint & Expressive Brushstrokes

Oils & Acrylic painters very welcome!

All abilities

Often overlooked, but one of the most important aspects of any medium...paint consistency!

This isn't the only way to work, but it is certainly very fun, very expressive and gives some fantastic results.

If you're looking to loosen up, get more expressive and gain confidence working with a more direct approach, and thicker paint, this ones for you!


Tuesday 7th April '20

Colour & Light

A close look at the interaction between the two

Acrylics & Oils

All abilities

Two things that have fascinated painters as far back as we can go...

...but also two things that can some times feel elusive, intangible and tricky to master.

Creating interesting and exciting light can bring a painting to life, and working with certain colours can completely alter the mood and the way we "feel" a subject.

A lot of it comes down to how we observe and interpret our subject, which we will look closely at; but as always there are plenty of other parts of the painting process that can help us get to grips and bring to life these two key principles.


Monday 27th April '20

Fun & Free with Acrylics


All abilities

Acrylics are a hugely versatile, very forgiving and ultimately very fun medium!

We will dive deep into the various characteristics of acrylics, and how to use there specific properties to our advantage. As well as how to bypass many of the common pitfalls and struggles of the medium.


All this brought together to loo at creating vibrant and exciting paintings, and have fun doing it!

This will be equally good day for people looking to try acrylics for the first as it will experienced acrylic painters looking to inject a new leash of life into their work

Tom Shepherd - wings - monochrome moment

Tuesday 28th April '20

Charcoal Birds & Animals


All abilities

I am sure you will go away from this day with a love for this medium. Warning: It;s highly addictive!!

A loose and free medium that is very forgiving and a lot of fun!

Without the "distraction" of colour, and the simplicity of charcoal, we can really focus light and shadow and on creating movement, gesture and character, as well as a variety of approaches, materials and techniques to tackle this subject!

This is a great medium for getting very instant and satisfying results, whatever your experience level.


Stepping into Colour - LoRes - 600.jpg

Friday & Saturday 26th & 27th June '20

One Big Bird or Animal

Oils & Acrylics

All abilities

A 2 day course where we focus on building up one painting over this time.


With two days we will also working a little larger than we would on one day painting.


Whilst still using the alla prima approach we will be taking more time at each stage and delving a little deeper into a variety of extra techniques and processes.

Loads more workshop dates, courses and French Painting Holiday details to come shortly for 2020

Watch this space!!!

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