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OPEN to anyone and everyone as stand-alone sessions on the topics! (School Members do receive a discount)

I love the pre-recorded tutorials, with everything the Watercolour School is, and I am so excited to be adding this LIVE element.

The idea behind these monthly live sessions is to take themes, concepts and questions from my

School of Watercolour and dive deeper into them.

They will also be a great opportunity to connect further with myself, working as general Q&A sessions, a point of contact, as well as focusing on specific topics more deeply. 


There is some delay between questions and themes raised by School members and the release of relevant tutorials and technique videos to address them. I love that these live session can bridge this gap; allowing us to look at specific techniques, topics or subjects in more detail, to compliment and enhance the recorded elements of the school.


  • Intro, chat, general Q&A

  • Theory Section

  • Demo/s (paint-along or just watch)

  • Outro and Q&A

How do they work

  • Online Live Sessions 3 - 3.5 hours

  • Watch live or lifetimes access to re-watch (stream or download anytime)

  • Join in and paint-along or just watch

  • Sign up below (School members receive discount)

  • Links, reference and material guides sent out in advance

  • Re-watch link sent out afterwards

  • Initially on Zoom but we are working on a new platform to make the experience even better!


Please note: We are working on integrating the booking, watching and re-watching, into the School to make the whole process much simpler and more slick for everyone involved, members and non-,members alike. For now we are doing the old way of simple emailing out all info and links before and after.

We will be packing a lot into these sessions.


These are not simply a demo, but rather a structured deep dive to really help gain better UNDERSTANDING with a strong FOCUS on helping you to IMPROVE your own painting.

Painting should be fun and exciting.


With the right amount of concentrated theory, alongside practical  application, these will significantly help you to unleash your creativity and leap your painting forward.


So let's get stuck in!!


We are going to go right back to basic techniques and approaches to watercolour. With this, how simply we can use it with great effect!


It is always a good idea to revisit the foundational techniques and thoughts around this medium, to then build up from there.


All experience levels; particularly useful for beginners in watercolour or painting in general, as well as those wanting a recap.


Exercises, watercolour studies and a paint-along demo to put all of this into practice.​​

22nd August @ 5:30pm UK time (BST)

£18 per person

FREE for School Members​ 

(Check forum / emails for discount codes)

To become a School member click here


I am always going on about how important tonal values as they are the key to unlocking everything else we want to do with our painting!


Yet, whilst easy to understand in theory, it can still be tricky to see tonal values and interpret them into painting.


Don't worry, this won't be too heavy going - we will look at simple yet very effective ways to consider, see and paint tonal values.


Some initial theory, a series of smaller exercises leading to  paint-along demo to put it all into practice.


All experience levels​​

12th September @ 5:30pm UK time (BST)

£68 per person

£18 for School Members​ 

(Check forum / emails for discount codes)

To become a School member click here

If you have any questions about any aspect of the course please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tom:

07980 611 267

copyright Tom Shepherd Art 2023 - 2065

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