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4 Zoom courses designed to help teach you the




Video: Free Zoom Demo & Masterclass Series Introduction

"The zoom demonstrations are the best demonstrations that I have ever attended. I have learned more from you than any other artist. You are a truly gifted teacher and your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you so much." - Sue

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Splashy Wildlife: booking closed

Expressive Portraits: booking closed

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Loose Scenes: booking closed

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 Limited Time Bookings - this series will only run once a year 
PLEASE NOTE: The Courses have started but you can still book on and you will receive re-watch links for the ones you have missed so far. Or alternatively book the 3, 2, or 1 course packages depending on far through we are and please contact me to arrange the viewing and owning of the previous courses you will not see live


4 Zoom Courses designed to help you learn the


Suitable for ALL experience levels & styles

Tom will cover a BROAD RANGE of SUBJECTS across the courses


Learn the 4 foundational principles of successful watercolour painting

9th, 13th, 16th & 20th May 2022


Learn the keys to unlocking this unique & magical medium

23rd, 27th, 30th May & 6th June '22


Learn how to create painterly watercolours

& open your creativity

13th, 17th, 20th & 24th June '22


Learn how to create watercolours full of atmosphere & mood

27th June, 1st, 4th & 8th July '22

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What's holding you back from creating the watercolours you aspire to?

Whatever it is, this Masterclass series is designed to be a concise and to the point aid to help you break through!

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Why online learning?


Join me for a deep dive into enjoying your watercolours 


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4 COURSES  £360

(save £280)

Own all 4 Courses + £80

Wildlife Course + £25​



3 COURSES  £320

(save £160)

Own all 3 Courses + £96

Wildlife Course + £40


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2 COURSES  £250

(save £70)

Own both Courses + £88

Wildlife Course + £55


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1 COURSES  £160

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Wildlife Course + £75


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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do all 4 courses in the series?

The Series has been designed to work as one whole unit, and I tried to price it in a way that was affordable to do so. I would recommend all 4 courses together, however the first two really lay the foundations for good watercolour painting if you are thinking to only do a couple.

Which courses should I choose?

I would recommend all 4, but if you are looking to choose a selection, I would recommend the first two as they give the really good foundations for all watercolour painting, whilst the other two take these principles and go even deeper.

You do not need any specific materials, other than your usual painting gear e.g., a small selection of brushes, standard colour set, your normal paper, and any sundries like palette, water pot, kitchen roll, etc.

I will email out (in plenty of time) a list of materials that I like to use, with other suggestions and alternatives.

Will it just be birds & wildlife in the demos?

Not at all. I am planning to get as broad a range of subjects as possible across the series. Booking on to more courses will give a broader range of subjects.

I am a complete beginner, is this series suitable?

Absolutely, this would be a fantastic place to start as beginner. There may at times be theory that is quite in-depth, however, I always try to pull out of this useable and practical advice however - for any level of painter.

If you have literally never picked up a brush I would recommend you do some painting in advance; but I would still say that this series would be the perfect platform to start learning watercolour.

I would recommend purchasing the add-on to own the course if you are a beginner, as a lot of this info will be great to refer back to time and time again as you develop.

I don't have a Zoom account, is this ok?

You do not need a Zoom account. You will be emailed a Zoom link which you will click on. You will be asked to either watch in a browser on your device or asked if you would like to download the app.

I do send out a PDF with full instructions on how to use Zoom

Are the reference photos copyright free? What if I want to show any of the paintings online (or even in person)?

Some photos will be completely copyright free. For these you can do what ever you please with the photo and the paintings from them.


Other photos will have been bought on a photo subscription website. I am licensed to send these to students for use as reference for paintings/study aids.


However, it is not within the license for students to then sell these paintings on social media/website (you may display them). It is also not allowed for students to exhibit or sell these paintings in person either...however...


...if a particular painting comes out very well and students would like to do any of the above; I am very happy to share the link so they can buy their own license. Then they can do what they like!  It is very affordable, generally working out at somewhere between £1 - £10 per photo.

I've been an oil painter for years, but have never even tried watercolours. Would this series be ok for me?

Yes, absolutely! I would be the perfect course for you. Some previous knowledge of painting in any medium would be a really great help, and you will find this series perfect for translating your existing knowledge into the medium of watercolour, and getting to grips with it fast!

I can't make the sessions live because I live in a different time zone. Can I catch up another time?

Yes, you will be sent a Zoom Link and password after each session. This will allow you to re-watch every session for 14 days, as many times as you like.

You can also own the courses you book onto by

purchasing the "own course" add-on.

Can I paint-along?

Yes, please do. The demo sections will be done in away that allows for painting-along i.e thoroughly explained as best as possible. I will say that paint-along with someone else is great fun, but there is an element of letting go involved and having to work at someone else's pace.

Many students paint-along live, they then go back and do it a second time via the re-watch link and they can then pause and work at their own pace.

Others simply watch live, then paint-along when re-watching.

Why is the cost so heavily discounted if I book onto all 4 courses?

The series really is designed to work as one whole unit, and I wanted to make it as affordable as possible for people to invest in the entire series

I don't quite understand the add-ons and the different packages?

The two add-ons are optional. The first is to own the entire course i.e. the re-watch links are only active for 14 days, if you want to revisit the course this add-on allows you to download the HD version to own for ever.

The second is a downloadable version (to own) of the previous 5 part wildlife course

You can purchase the courses alone at a given price. You can purchase either add-on, or the "full package" price is the courses plus both add-ons.

If I buy the add-ons, how can I download them?

I will email out a link to download the videos directly. However some people may wish to use a cloud storage or other means, we can sort this at the time to suit peoples requirements.

How is this series different from joining your Patreon? or Online Watercolour school when it launches?

So on Patreon, and the soon-to-launch online watercolour school, there are tutorials and narrated time-lapses. Whilst I do mention a lot of the same principles the tutorials are often more general and less concise, with less theory. Great for painting along or to work with over a longer period of time.

This masterclass series is designed to be an incredibly concise, very direct way to teach the keys and foundational principles to really improve your painting.

Whilst joining the site will improve your work, it is aimed at slow and steady progress.


The Masterclass series and the Online School in particular would go very well hand in hand.  The Masterclass series would be the perfect foundation for the Online School...although not necessary by any means.

Think: Masterclass = short, but very in-depth and concise; Online School = these principles built up slowly over time and repeated.

What materials do I need?



"Thanks so much for such a fantastic course!

I have loved every minute of it and have been amazed at how much content you put into it. It really felt like doing a proper college course and was a lot of fun!

I painted alongside you and created some vibrant, quirky, eye catching animals!

It certainly was speed painting but it was good to be able to rewatch it and try again at a more sedate pace!. ( sometimes I preferred the quick ones! )

Thanks, I have had a blast!"  - Alison

"Tom’s beautiful work has been the entire reason I wanted to dip my toe into trying watercolours in the first place! I owe all my knowledge and technique learned so far from him!  Tom is an extremely articulate teacher and his demos are informative, fun and utterly inspiring. I look forward to participating in future workshops to develop my skills further."



"Just to say that I really enjoyed Tom Shepherd’s watercolour demos. His knowledge of  colour blending and application is extensive. I learnt a lot."

"I have been painting birds in watercolours for many years and reached a plateau where I felt stuck! Your tutorials showed me a new approach and took my painting skills to the next level."

"Your zoom classes are just fantastic. They take away the fear of not being good enough to paint. Your style of teaching is just the best and so encouraging and the notes and explanations help along the journey. I only dip into painting now and again but things may change. I have always admired Tom’s style. It is so fresh and has a magic light."

"This demo was so encouraging - easy to follow and packed full of little tips along the way. His bold expressive early washes and later attention to detail has really helped me progress. A natural teacher!"

"Tom is a brilliant artist and a very generous teacher. He packs a lot of good info in two hours and is happy to take questions plus you get to see him in action! Very inspiring."

"Tom combines being a brilliant watercolour artist with being a very down to earth teacher.  He explains his methods very clearly in his demonstrations, and his enthusiasm for the medium encourages pupils every step of the way. 

Personally I feel I have benefited enormously from his guidance and can't wait to carry on improving my watercolour work employing all I have learnt."

"These zoom demos are amazing value and I’ve taken away so many tips and tricks from them. Tom’s approachability and relaxed manner combined with his clear and concise teaching methods make him a great teacher and I always eagerly await his next demonstrations. They are a joy to take part in!"

"I took part in the portrait zoom class. I was quite nervous before the start even though no one could see me. I took notice of the preparation notes and had my table set up in front of the PC. Tom works quite quickly but I was soon fully immersed in the painting and really enjoying myself. I have never tackled a portrait before but thought the out come was surprisingly good. I know some people preferred to watch and then use the video, but I would recommend going for it live. I also appreciated the drawing tips from the class."

"The zoom demonstrations are the best demonstrations that I have ever attended. I have learned more from you than any other artist. You are a truly gifted teacher and your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you so much."

"A few words about Tom's zoom demos. I found them very interesting not only from the painting point of view but also all the preliminary information and diagrams. Tom is very helpful to all taking part and ready to answer any questions. Wonderful experience and certainly well worth time and money. Thank you Tom."

"Tom’s Zoom demos are amazing! I find it fascinating to watch him create live with so much enthusiasm and energy. I appreciate that he shares his passion and knowledge with such generosity. I like the fact that I can re watch the videos later and pause them as many times as I need when I try to paint my versions."

"Having just taken part in Tom's 'Watercolour Wildlife' zoom course I have to say what a great teacher Tom is. 


He explains everything clearly and simply, with a friendly and gentle manner, and certainly inspires you to go out of your 'comfort zone'! 


In particular his critiques have been spot on, and I have learnt a huge amount.  I can't wait to see if I can carry on the good work, and, of course, join another course again soon.  Many thanks Tom!"  -  Janet