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Watercolour painters....

Is there something holding you back from creating the watercolours you ASPIRE to?

Are you STRIVING to take your painting to the NEXT LEVEL?

If the answer is "YES"

Fear not, you are in the right place....

I have created these
Watercolour Masterclass Courses specifically to help YOU learn the CORRECT WAYS to IMPROVE your painting

Let's cut through unnecessary information straight to the bottom line




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My name is Tom.

I am a professional artist, specialising in Watercolour, and I love SHARING my knowledge with others to help them on their own artistic journey.

After teaching and mentoring many students of all abilities for over 10 years, I have discovered and refined what is needed to IMPROVE your painting - and how to use these concepts in a very simple and practical way to take your painting to the NEXT LEVEL.

So created the four INSPIRING courses that make up my Watercolour Masterclass. I have tweaked, honed and refined this Masterclass and I am more EXCITED than ever to be running it again this year, with lots of new additions to each course!

to the
Watercolour Masterclass

4 Online Courses
join me for ALL 4 or mix 'n' match to suit you

These courses are designed to help YOU and YOUR painting...
Equipping YOU to go in whatever direction you wish!

The courses:


I will teach you the 4 most CRITICAL foundational PRINCIPLES for successful watercolour painting
You will learn:

  • How these Principles are the building blocks of any painting

  • What they are, how to use them simply yet very effectively, and how to bring them all together

  • How to look at your subject in a fresh, original way, then how to translate this into a painting

  • How to apply these principles in a simple watercolour process to any subject


With these new observational skills, processes and approaches you will gain confidence as well as have

a solid framework from which to drive your watercolours forward


I will handover the KEYS to unlocking this wonderful medium
You will learn:

  • Everything you need to know about colour mixing (it's actually quite simple!)

  • How to apply this knowledge in a user friendly and highly practical way

  • About the essential relationship between your paper and your brush

  • How this relationship provides a simple set of techniques and processes


With a deeper understanding of these two essential elements - the keys to watercolour - you will gain much more confidence and freedom of expression with the medium


I will show you how to FREE UP you painting and OPEN UP your creativity
You will learn:

  • Various approaches, principles, techniques and attitudes to help you achieve that elusive looseness

  • What we really mean by "loose" and how a simple definition can immediately set you on the right track

  • To change your entrenched habits and rather - give the "impression" of your subject

  • To move away from subject and start creating a painting

  • To develop a playful and experimental approach to watercolour

  • To create a balance of abstract areas and refined areas

  • To get rid of the "fear of mistakes" - watercolour can be more forgiving than you think!

Watercolour loves and rewards a playful and creative attitude and that is what makes this course so enjoyable! Having fun is at the heart of this medium and is often the missing piece of the puzzle!!


I will show you how to capture the light, creating watercolours full of ATMOSPHERE & MOOD
You will learn:

  • How to choose a subject so you can see and paint light

  • How to look at any subject and extract the most useful information for your painting

  • How to work with different lighting settings in different scenes

  • How accentuate and exaggerate the light to create more drama

  • How to create sense of realism, depth and form in a painterly way

  • What happens to colour as it moves in and out of light, and build on this knowledge

  • How we can use different edges and effects to enhance the feeling of light and mood


Watercolour was made for painting light and shadow. With a few pointers and changes in approach it becomes the most natural way to work, giving you fantastic results


What's holding you back from creating the watercolours you aspire to?

This Masterclass series is designed to be a CONCISE and PRACTICAL aid to help you BREAK THROUGH!


  • 4 Separate Modules each with a deep dive into the title principle or concept

  • These are pre-recorded HD Videos for each Module (approx. 3 - 3.5 hrs per module)

  • 1 Live Zoom Session per course - 3.5hrs including Q&A and 2 paint-along demos

  • Theory sections plus practical examples

  • At least 1 full length painting demonstration per module, often 2. Designed in a paint-along style

  • At least 2 supplementary videos per course - a detailed theory section, plus a full length demonstration video to dive deeper into concepts

  • A "homework assignment" for each module (don't worry, nothing is mandatory. This is your course to use as you like)

  • Extra introductory videos on materials, techniques and basic concepts

  • Reference photos & line art

  • Summary videos of each full length video for a "quick re-cap"

  • You can email me any questions and I will answer either or group them together in a detailed video

  • Zoom Sessions that answer previous questions are included too

  • A private online group for all students to share their results, ask questions and generally connect with everyone on the courses (currently searching for a Facebook alternative!)

  • Life time access to stream the videos and/or download them to keep forever (I do offer a USB drive option too. This can be arranged on course completion)

In short you will have access to over 20 hours of Premium Watercolour Tuition per course

Over 80 hours of Tuition if you join me for ALL 4 Courses


  • On the course start date you will be granted access to a shared folder

  • This will be broken up into the modules with ALL of the pre-recorded videos, reference photos, line art etc plus a welcome video on how to use the courses

  • You can work through all these at your own pace and use them as you wish

  • Around 25 days after the pre-recorded material release will be the live zoom demo

  • If you are unable to attend live, the re-watch link will be released within twenty-four hours

  • The full HD version of the session will be edited and released within 7 days

  • If you choose to attend more than one course: the pre-recorded material will be released 3 days after the live session of the previous course, the next live session 25 days later, and so on for all 4 courses in order


ALL LIVE SESSIONS @10am BST (GMT+1) allow around 3.5 hours (there will be plenty of breaks!)


Course Launches: 1st May 2023

Live Session:  25th May '23


Course Launches:  28th May '23

Live Session:  23rd June '23

Letting Loose:​

Course Launches:  26th June '23

Live Session: 21st July '23

Loving the Light:​

Course Launches: 24th July '23

Live Session: 25th August '23

To find out if this course is suitable for you please consider following the links above

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A few examples of the Masterclass demonstrations

Join me for a deep dive into enjoying your watercolours 


I will see you there

please remember that this course will not be running again with live element for at least another year, most likely much longer


Prices below are 40% OFF upcoming Full Price (e.g Full Course = £825 starting August '23)

This is the first time we are running it with an online group, plus a mix of pre-recorded and live sessions

The full course will be available to purchase (live sessions released as HD videos) afterwards but at the full price of £825

So NOW is by far the most AFFORDABLE time to get access to all of this amazing content!!!



(save £285)

plus a bonus full length "in the studio" painting demo



(save £190)

choose your courses upon booking



(save £95)

choose your courses upon booking



choose your course upon booking

If you have any questions about any aspect of the course please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tom:

07980 611 267

Some examples of the sort of subjects in the supplementary videos


copyright Tom Shepherd Art 2023 - 2065

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