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Unleash your creativity to step into the watercolourist you always knew you were?

FYI if you want to Learn the key principles to immediately take your watercolours to the next level....

...and discover how to loosen up and break out with your watercolour to finally express yourself freely...

this will be most exciting page you read today


If you’re reading this I’d be willing to bet you’re someone who wants to break free from the mould of how “creativity” has been taught to you in the past


You’re someone who wants to explore a more expressive, forgiving style and move past your creative blocks to a whole new frontier of freedom, expression and joy


And you’re probably someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to your creativity 


Whether you’ve just bought your first palette and paints

or you’re a seasoned watercolour veteran looking to sharpen your skills, loosen up and paint in a more expressive way,


You’re going to LOVE Tom’s School of Watercolour.


Inside, you’re going to learn:


How to create paintings that you love, and that make you feel happy, free, and fulfilled. (Bold claim, but I stand by it!) 


How to stop creating for others and start creating work that is pleasing to YOU!


My exact technique for capturing light and shadow in an emotive, expressive way.


How to create work that tells a story


The secrets to confidence with colour - and how to create paintings that sing with life.


My proven 4 step system to take any subject and turn it into an incredible painting that you’re proud of. 


How to create the illusion of space, atmosphere and realism in your paintings


The one thing that you need to do to immediately take your paintings from flat to confident, believable and expressive. 


Express yourself confidently - and have fun while doing it.

Take the fear out of watercolours and experience true creative freedom

(and actually make good work at the same time!) 


How to create strong dramatic paintings, with bold colours (but instead of being garish and rainbow-like, they’re harmonious, refined and cohesive) 


My exact technique to create an engaging focal point and bring your subject to life. 

My approach to teaching (and why it will suit you)

Of course I have my own style and way of painting, which is at the heart of the school; and whilst many of my students are looking to learn this style... School of Watercolour has so much more to it than this!

I have been teaching painting for many years, to a wide range of students and in this time I have condensed and refined what I know to be the most important principles and key elements of watercolour, and how to best present it.

There are the Core principles which when applied consistently over time will absolutely improve your painting - giving you a start point and safety net whilst also allowing you creative freedom as time goes on.

Best of all, laying these solid foundations you are building a springboard from which to launch into your own creative practice and find your artistic style.

I have truly taught students from all walks of life;
from absolute beginners to life long painters
those looking to develop an interest and hone a craft outside of their work or day to day life,
to those looking to make a career change into the arts
from those wishing to really develop their creative practice
to those wanting a quiet hobby to turn to once a week, now and again

Each one equally valid an important, and whilst all very different, with
one thing in common
A wish to express themselves!
And a calling to do this with paint

But this self expression can be frustrating.
Particularly at first.


"I wish I could loosen up"


Painting is language. Like any language we can't expect to wave our hands around shouting loudly and be understood.

However, with some guidance around the key principles, a bit of vocab, with a few tricks and tips, you'll be able to put a few sentences together and get by, right!?

The more solid those foundations and the more you apply them more fluent you become and the more freely you can express yourself?!

My job is to give you the tools and knowledge to express yourself,And over time the to express yourself

It is all about balance.
Whilst I am a big believer in theory, it has to be theory for paintings sake; not too dry and dull!

Just enough to extract only what is useful to help us create the sort of paintings we wish to create!

Don't know what sort of paintings you want to create? 
Then the foundational principles are the perfect place to start!

Ultimately when laying these foundations you are building a solid springboard from which to launch into your own creative practice and find your artistic style.




Language we use with ourselves

Watercolour at it's heart is playful, fun and Exciting medium
The simple act of laying down a beautiful flowing wash on fresh page is inspirtation in itself

Staty on track and connect woth lots of other like minded and enthusiatict watercolour painters

Learn how to confidently tackle any subject; from observation through to watercolour process, and bringing a painting to a finish, through to moving forward with the next.


Paintings Banner.png

My name is Tom.

I am a professional artist, specialising in watercolour, and I LOVE SHARING my knowledge with others to help them on their own artistic journey.

After teaching and mentoring many students of all abilities for over 10 years, I have discovered and refined what is needed to IMPROVE your painting – and how to teach these concepts in a very simple and practical way to take your painting to the NEXT LEVEL.



  • A new professionally filmed full lnegth, real time paint-along tutorial released every 2 weeks

  • Each tutorial includes a reference photo, materials list & line art for those who would like it

  • Immediate access to all previous tutorials inlduing all of Tom's older Patreon Archive (this is 10s and 10 os hours of ind-epth quality tuition)

  • An ever growing library of techniques and tips videos - from short hits of inspiration to longer format deep dives into spficic topics e.g. mixing greens, suing a spray bottle or smooth washes, to name a few

  • Access to the exlcsuive memebers forum where oyu can connect with other enthusiatics and supportiv eatercolourist from aorund the world 0. a ownderufl palce ot cnnect a find inspiration!


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