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Quick Watercolour Birds

Fun, characterful & fresh

Paint-along style workshop in 2 parts

Monday 3rd & Monday 10th May 2021

  • 2 x 3 hour Zoom Sessions

  • 10am - 1pm (UK time)

  • £60 per person

  • 4 paintings step-by-step

  • Suitable for abilities

  • In-depth coverage of materials and principles. We will build upon these further with each piece

  • 2 Tiers - Higher tier involves email critique of your paintings (limited numbers, £20 extra)

Join me in exploring the joy of watercolour


In this particular workshop we are going to be looking at creating quick and lively little watercolour birds!

This workshops is meant to be fun and inspiring, as well as packed full of useful information to help you progress with your own painting.

We will be focusing on small scale pieces.


I will be working on 9" x 12" paper and will be encouraging students to work on the same or very similar size.

At this size we can really explore exciting and lively brushstrokes, as well as working with a more immediate approach.

Over the course of the 2 x 3 hour sessions I will walk you through 4 paintings (2 in each session).  We will have a quick break between paintings


We will go step by step through the drawing and into the painting.


These sessions are designed to be paint-along style. They are also interactive in the sense that students can ask questions as we go, as well as Q&As at the break and end.

Please note: This style of workshop does not include direct one on one time or a hold your piece up to the camera for advice style approach. However I do offer a limited number of places at a higher tier where I will give detailed email critique of your pieces in the week following the session

Each session will be available to re-watch for 7 days afterwards. So if you would simply like to watch and absorb, then paint-a-long at a later date, this can work really well too.


  • 2 x 3 hour Zoom sessions

  • Watch Live as well as access to watch for 7 days after

  • Copyright free reference photos (all though you may work from your own)

  • PDF Teaching notes and photos of each painting

  • 2 Tier Options - higher tier includes detailed email critique of your paintings (limited numbers, £20 extra)

Suggested materials (I can advise further on booking):

  • Approx. 9" x 12" good quality watercolour paper. Either sheets, pad or gummed block

  • Small Mop brush and Size 8 or 10 round

  • A cool and a warm of each primary. Tubes or pans

  • Your usual watercolour Palette

  • Usual extras like water pot and kitchen roll etc

Once you have booked your spot you will receive a PDF document closer to the time of the workshop with full details, links and reference photos

Workshop bookings are paid in full and non-refundable

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