Blue Throated Macaw Demo (38x58cm)

Blue Throated Macaw Demo (38x58cm)


Blue Throated Macaw Demo


I do various demonstrations for art Societies and small groups.  I like to offer these demos up as an oppurtunity for people with a lower budget to own a one of my Originals.   


They are not sub-par pieces, but rather, with the time constraints of a demo, some areas end up less resolved and overall a piece does not have as much concentrated time spent on it.  


I therefore feel it fair and fun, to offer them at a reduced price to a "Studio" painting of the same size.


Unframed Original watercolour

Half Sheet - 38 x 58cm (approx. 15" x 23")



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    I do my absolute best to make these online images of my work as accurate as possible! Please be aware there maybe minor variations in colours from screen to screen, all though usually paintings look better in life. However I do offer a 10 day money back guarantee if it's not what you were expecting.

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