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Why Online teaching?

I love sharing what I’ve learnt (and continue to learn of course!) with other painters, of any ability.

Having had to move all of my teaching on line this last year I have seen the huge potential for the role of online teaching moving forward.

Is it a replacement for in-person teaching?

Not at all.


I really enjoy teaching in person, and there is no substitute for it. However I really feel that online teaching is a very exciting format too. One that is separate from in-person. No better or worse. Just different.

Firstly it can be a much more affordable way to access really great knowledge and tutoring direct from the artists you want to learn from.

As well as being financially more reachable it makes good tutoring and learning much more accessible to those with other restrictions.

You can learn from your favourite artists even if they live at the other end of the country or even the other side of the world. We plan to make the site translatable into many different languages, as well as providing good subtitles for hearing impaired and non-English speakers. 

Many people have commitments that simply do not make attending in-person teaching possible. Whether it be job, children, caring for sick or less-able loved ones. These time restraints and limitations are a serious barrier to learning and following your passions. 

Being able to access teaching online, as and when suits, is really the only option for many; and it is a good one!

Many people do not like to travel, and many simply cannot. Chronic disease & illness, underlying health conditions, mental illness, disabilities, can all seriously hinder, or completely rule out access to good tutors and information. 

Online learning allows people to fully absorb the information and enjoy the experience at their own pace, in a comfortable and familiar setting.

Finally, even if you are someone who is able to get out and about and has access to good in-person tutoring to suit you - after the last year I truly believe that online teaching is the perfect compliment to this!

Whilst so much inspiration and excitement can be generated in-person, with some real breakthrough moments. So much can also be missed in this setting. Or realised but then swiftly forgotten the next day.

I have now seen that having online resources to refer back to allows students to revisit those initial break throughs and “aha” moments as many times as they like. They can then quickly assimilate them into your own work. This means faster progression and much happier painters.

"Painting has changed my whole life and given me so much."

I know this to be true of so, so many other artists out there too.


For me online teaching ultimately opens up much more of the world and allows us to share our knowledge with so many more people. As well as create a really wonderful community of like minded people.

For all these reasons and more I love online teaching I do believe it is here to stay.

This Online Watercolour School is set to launch early Spring next year, 2022. It will be on a very affordable monthly subscription basis. There will be new tutorials out every two weeks, smaller theory and tips videos, an active online members community and forum, plus loads of other little extras.

To register your interest please visit the link in my bio. You will get the odd update of what’s going on and be notified of the finalised release date closer to the time.

You will receive the odd email update of expected release dates, plus notification of the actual release.

You will receive the odd email update of expected release dates, plus notification of the actual release.


You will receive the odd email update of expected release dates, plus notification of the actual release.

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