Teaching - One on One, small groups

These sessions can be done at my studio, over Zoom​ or if close by , I am happy to travel to you.

All abilities and experience levels. Watercolour, acrylics, oils & charcoal

  • One on one & Group Tuition (max 4 people)

  • Mini Courses

  • In depth Courses

All of the above can be completely individualised and tailored to your specific needs.

Please feel free to give me a no obligations call if you would like discuss options.

07980 611 267

You can read some of my teaching testimonials here.

You can also join my new Patreon tier which has been specifically designed to keep everyone painting and inspired through live stream painting demos, questions and answer during and after, as well a private group page where I will be giving daily critiques, advise and support to those would like it.

Option 1 - Pay by the hour tutoring / sessions

£45 per hour (plus £10 per extra person for the entire session)

We can focus on any aspect of painting you would like, and this tutoring is completely tailored to your specific needs.


Below are just a few examples of how some people use these sessions, by no means limited to this:

  • General painting sessions, structured however suits. 

  • A demo from myself. Either as a stand alone or followed by further instruction or guidance on your own work, whatever your current ability or experience level

  • Medium focused - watercolour, acrylics, oils or charcoal

  • Tutoring and guidance as you paint

  • A specific theme, e.g. creating dramatic light, focal points

  • Subject based - ie figures, street scenes, beach scenes, birds etc

  • A particular principle - ie tone, colour mixing

  • Mentoring and just chatting about your art and moving forward with it

Basically these sessions can be used in whatever way you like and are completely flexible

Option 2 - Courses

All courses can be individually tailored to suit you within the overall structure.



All courses include demonstrations, exercises and guided painting (you paint alongside me and I advise), plus set exercises for you to do alone (dare I call it homework!) as well as email guidance for in-between the video sessions.


These sessions can be split however you like. Whether that be 1 hour once a week, or a couple of hours twice a week.  If you feel you want to extend the course with further sessions we can discuss that too...basically all though set structures, we can be very flexible.


All the courses titles below have a condensed mini-course version and the extended in-depth version.

5 hour mini course              £250

10 hour in-depth course     £500

Course Titles

Please note: If you see any workshops or courses in the workshops section of my website that you would like to do in this online format, please don't hesitate to ask. The ones below are the most popular that I ave all ready created. I'm totally open to creating other courses.

Some courses can be taught as either acrylics, watercolour or oils, unless otherwise stated.

Foundational Course (acrylics, watercolours or oils)

  • Drawing and learning to look - breaking any subject down into easy to understand shapes

  • Composition

  • Tone - Looking for light and dark. The foundations of all painting

  • Colour Mixing - basic theory to lay foundations for mixing any colour

  • The process of building a painting. Including what to do when we get stuck

Getting to Grips with Acrylics, Oils or Watercolour

  • Great as an introduction (or more in depth look) at any of the mediums

  • Basic processes and techniques

  • More advanced approaches and techniques for those that want

  • Along with a good look at all the usual principles of painting


Painting Birds (acrylic, watercolours, oils)

  • How to observe and construct any bird and break it down into simple shapes

  • Capturing movement, gesture and character

  • Picking out details

  • The process of building a painting. Including what to do when we get stuck

  • As well as looking at the medium itself (whichever one you choose)

Painting Wildlife (acrylic, watercolours, oils)

  • How to observe and construct any animal and break it down into simple shapes

  • Basic comparative anatomy to help us understand any animal better

  • Capturing movement, gesture and character

  • Picking out details. If necessary focusing on how to approach feature like eyes or noses for example.

  • The process of building a painting. Including what to do when we get stuck

  • As well as looking at the medium itself (whichever one you choose)


Street Scenes (acrylics)

  • How to break down even the most complex of scenes into very simple shapes

  • How to tackle figures in a scene. What scale, how and where?

  • What to leave in and what to leave out

  • The process of building a scene from big to small, general to detail

  • Different lighting settings - atmosphere & mood

  • A look at the acrylics throughout


Charcoal Birds

  • How to observe and construct any bird and break it down into simple shapes

  • Capturing movement, gesture and character

  • Where to loosen up with big expressive marks

  • Where to pick out details and how to draw these details and features

  • Looking for light and shadow

  • The many different ways to use the medium and looking at the materials themselves

  • This course is geared towards loose and expressive pieces, with small areas of detail. Rather than highly detailed realism.

Figures in Watercolour

  • How to construct a figure. 

  • Proportions, gesture and character

  • How does light hit a figure

  • How to compose a watercolour painting at the drawing stage

  • The full process of watercolour painting from start to finish

  • Looking at all the different paint consistencies.

  • When and how to use them (ie wet into wet, damp and dry brush)

  • Where to simplify with loose and splashy areas

  • Where to pick out details and tighten up. How to use watercolours to do this

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Once we have agreed on the details I send through payment details and refund policy. I do require payment in full before first course sessions.


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