Figures in Watercolour

Character, Movement & Light

Zoom Demonstration with Tom Shepherd

  • Friday 16th April

  • 7pm - 9pm (UK time)

  • 10 minute break halfway through

  • £12 per person

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I think we've all become a little more familiar with Zoom this last year or so.  Whilst we love teaching and demonstrating in person, there have definitely been plenty of pros to moving things on to Zoom.

The first being that we can stay in our own homes and watch the whole thing in our "comfies" with a cup of tea (or something stronger depending on where you are in the world at the time), and if we fall asleep halfway through, no one needs to know!...


....but more seriously, Zoom demos in many ways allow the viewer to be closer in on the action; seeing the brushstrokes more closely and certainly getting a much better view of the colours being mixed. Very important factors of painting that can get lost in larger setting.

The Demo

Alongside wildlife and birds, my other favourite subject is people.  Painting figures whilst challenging, is a huge amount of fun.


We will cover foundational principles of figures like proportions, accuracy and movement; but we will also be focusing on capturing light and creating fun and expressive  paintings full of life.

It's amazing what we can cover in 2 hours. We will look at all of the below (and more)

  • Some initial theory and quick sketchy examples, followed by one portrait demo

  • What to look for when constructing a figure, basic human proportions

  • How to accentuate pose, movement and character of figures to bring them to life

  • How to tackle faces and hands at this scale

  • Looking for light and shadow patterns to help simplify our subject and translate it into a painting

  • How to interpret our subject - what to put in, what to leave out

  • Where to bring in details and to what extent

  • All the materials - including colours and their properties

  • Techniques of watercolour from wet into wet to dry brush and everything in between

  • Paint consistency: the one thing above all else that I believe is the "secret" to watercolour - we will look at the "watercolour clock" and it's applications

  • Colour mixing

  • Where to let loose a little and where to bring in more refinement

I very much welcome questions typed into the chat throughout the demo. I do my best to answer as we go but I will also open up the floor to "Questions and Answers" if people want to un-mute (at the end of the first half and the end of the demo)

Sit back and watch, or paint along with me!  You will be sent a link afterwards to able to watch the demo at a later date for up to 7 days, plus a PDF document of typed up notes and photos.

Tickets are paid in full and non-refundable. You will be emailed a PDF document on how to use Zoom and a reminder of the overall format of the demonstration, along with the reference photo and the meeting ID and password.

You will need to be able to run or download Zoom on your device. 

These demos are always a great fun and I do my absolute best to jam pack them with lots of useful information and hopefully leave you feeling inspired to go and pick up those brushes!!!

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