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One day Workshops

Dates often fill up before making it on to the website

To be amongst the first to hear of new workshop dates as they come up please sign up to my email news letter.




Saturday 1st Feb '20

Alla Prima Oil Painting

Any Subject

Acrylics painters welcome

All abilities

Any subject goes here, from chickens to still life, to people up a mountain...this one is all about the process!!


Characterised by expressive brushstrokes and thicker paint, alla prima translates to all at once.

We will look at the classic alla prima process of building up a wet into wet oil painting quickly single session. 




Monday 3rd Feb '20

Street Life & Markets

Oils & Acrylics

All abilities

Streets Scenes & Market scenes present not only plenty of challenges but also a huge amount of inspiration and fun for the painter.

With a few simple tricks, a close look how to interpret even the most complex of subjects and how to tackle figures at any size, we'll have you painting these scenes full of life and bustle in no time!



Tuesday 4th Feb '20

How to paint loosely & keep it simple!

Acrylics & Oils

All abilities

The simpler we make a subject the more dramatic it can be, and the easier it is to get that elusive 'looseness'

To take a subject and create a simple but effective painting, using loose marks, is fantastic fun! So lets look at how!!


Thursday 6th Feb '20

Loose & Expressive Watercolour

Birds & Animals, Wildlife

Possible in watery acrylics too

All abilities

We will be looking at creating loose and brushy birds and animals with very minimal backgrounds (or none at all)

Lovely bold brushstrokes, lots of wet into wet washes and lots of colour is the mission on this day.

As well delving deep into the medium of watercolour, we will also look closely at how to capture that all important gesture, character and movement.

IMG_9229 2.jpg

Friday 7th Feb '20

Colourful Characters in Watercolour

Movement & Gesture in figures

Possible in watery acrylics too

All abilities

Everyday people, Musicians,  figures on the beach, street performers..the list goes on...and the possibilities are endless.


The emphasis will be on lots of wet into wet washes, big brush strokes and selecting the odd area to tighten up with detail. All combined with a close look at how to capture character and movement.


Saturday 8th Feb '20

Still Life - Breaking the Mould

Acrylics & Oils

All abilities

I used to make the mistake of thinking of still life as boring. I couldn't have been more wrong! 

We'll be looking at breaking away from the norm and focusing on the subject initially in terms of abstract shapes. Then experimenting with different techniques and approaches. 


As well as a brief look at symbolism with in the chosen objects themselves


Below are past workshops from 2018.  

These workshops (or very similar) will be repeated at some point in 2019, so please feel free to browse the links.

To be the first to hear of new dates be sure to signup to my email newsletter.

Saturday 11th August '18

Figures but bigger!

all mediums & abilities

We often shy away from painting figures, especially at a larger scale, but they are great fun and a very rewarding subject matter!!


With a few pointers, tricks and tips hopefully you will feel encouraged to paint more of them.

Saturday 18th August '18

How to paint loosely & keep it simple!

all mediums & abilities

The simpler we make a subject the more dramatic it can be and the easier it is to get that elusive 'looseness'

To take a subject and create a simple but effective painting, using loose marks, is fantastic fun! So lets look at how!!

Saturday 25th August '18

Atmosphere, light & mood

all mediums & abilities

From mysterious landscapes and misty beaches to moody jazz clubs and bustling streets how do we create that lovely atmosphere & mood in a painting??...


Painting the light has a lot to do with. We will look at this & other aspects involved in creating these evocative scenes

All workshops are

(unless stated otherwise)

  • £70 per person

  • 10.30am - 4pm 

  • Held at Church House in Alcester, Warwickshire. B49 5AL 

  • Max. 12 students with plenty of one on one time

  • Suitable for all experience levels and abilities


I always aim for a friendly but productive and focused atmosphere.

I encourage people to paint whatever subject they like, all though will advise on most suitable for particular workshops.

There is at least one demonstration to illustrate the main points of the workshop in action.

With a small group of 12 I aim to give plenty of one on one tuition. We can really focus in on the individual needs of each student, and what they are hoping to achieve.

Bring your own lunch. Drinks & biscuits provided.

Saturday 29th September '18

Animals & Birds

all mediums & abilities

Whether painting them small in a landscape, painting a large group or making one or two animals the main focus of a painting a few fundamentals can make a huge difference to capturing that all important feeling of 'life'.

What we'll learn in this workshops should set you up to tackle and animal or bird with confidence.

Various dates throughout year

Portraits from live model

all mediums & abilities

This is incredibly rewarding & fun, whilst challenging.  It really sharpens up your observation skills & I noticed an instant improvement in my own painting

Come and give it a go!! 

£65 per person, small group

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